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In this day and age the microwave oven has certainly established itself as the premier method for cooking up a tasty meal in the comfort of one’s home. When compared with traditional methods of cooking daily meals, i.e. old-fashioned stoves and ovens, it is clear that the microwave represents a huge leap forward in convenience and speed for users.

However, be that as it may, consumers historically still had to choose between lots of competing models of microwave ovens, which sometimes presented difficulties since so many of these products appear to feature very similar specifications and performance. The good news, though, is that the Sharp Half Pint Microwave is a clear winner in many respects, so buyers should look very carefully into what this model has to offer.

Before looking at the Sharp Half Pint Microwave, let’s consider for a moment what the ideal characteristics of a market-leading microwave oven are.

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In the first place, consumers stand to benefit from a microwave that does not occupy a great deal of space in their kitchens. When they were first invented, microwave ovens were typically much larger than they are now. They tended to monopolize a large area of work-top space. Therefore, despite the cooking and food preparation advantages they offered over traditional stoves and ovens, these early microwaves were shunned by some consumers because they were considered too large and unwieldy to fit into homes where a lack of space in the kitchen was a major consideration.

The second vital prerequisite of a tip top microwave is that it gives reliable service. Consumers most certainly resent paying out top dollar for domestic appliances that give up the ghost within a few years of purchase. Some low cost microwave ovens still give cause for concern, because they ensnare buyers with rock bottom purchase prices, but the buyer pays a different kind of price when the appliance conks out prematurely.

On both these primary points, the Sharp Half Pint Microwave comes through with flying colors. This Sharp model has a super low “footprint” and it will fit snugly into even the tiniest of kitchens. That means it will not disrupt things if you decide to bite the bullet and purchase one. For very good reasons, this model has been nicknamed “mighty midget” by some users.

Furthermore, if there was an award for reliability and long service for microwave ovens, it is highly likely the Sharp Half Pint Microwave would win it hands down. Sharp first unleashed this model more than ten years ago, and many buyers say they have got a full ten years of solid service from it. Reviewers on the internet speak glowingly of the Sharp Half Pint, and time and time again you will hear how this unit keeps on going, year after year, turning out high quality meals without fail.

Sharp, the manufacturer of the Half Pint microwave oven, is to be commended for not ringing the changes with its product line. Clearly, it came up with a first class model when it produced the Half Pint. It seems the company’s thinking is: Why bury a winner by discontinuing it and replacing it with some “new” model that brings nothing fresh to the plate? This approach is to be applauded, and consumers would certainly benefit if other manufacturers followed suit.

The Sharp Half Pint Microwave is not exactly the cheapest model on the market, although it is far from being expensive. However, the truth is that you get what you pay for in the microwave game: If you choose to cut corners by purchasing one of the many bargain basement cheapies on the market, you are highly likely to come a cropper going forward, because such cheap and cheerful microwaves often break down within a year or so of purchase. That’s because they are not manufactured to the same high standards as a top quality model like the Sharp Half Pint Microwave oven. This Sharp model is most certainly built to a standard, and so, if you purchase one, you can kiss goodbye to the notion that you might have to reach into your pocket once again within a few short years.

If you are in the market for a Sharp Half Pint Microwave, you should note that the best price you can get on one of these beauties is on Amazon. The world’s most popular ecommerce website wins hands down on price every time, and the Sharp Half Pint is no exception to the rule. As previously stated, Sharp’s mini marvel is not the cheapest microwave oven on sale at the current time, but you’ll not find it cheaper than the price Amazon sells it for. Furthermore, Amazon has a very useful facility whereby consumers can make their ultimate buying choice by comparing user reviews of different products on the site. As expected, the reviews of the Sharp Half Pint Microwave are almost universally glowing, so this is yet another incentive to snag one of these remarkable appliances.

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Sharp Half Pint Microwave

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